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What is going on?

Evol Clock, where for the first several months the creator and computer guy attempted to raise a smile, maybe a laugh, and never expected it to have any real plot. But of course all things must come to an end and they began giving the comic a plot. So it's still not FDA compliant, but it starting to have congruity. If you want to read all the inane early stuff, I would suggest it, but if you just want to get into the plot you may start here. Otherwise you can just go straight to the beginning. The comic is updated Tuesday and Thursday, with Questions Answered being updated on Saturday.

Why does Questions Answered look so different?

Questions Answered was thought up by the computer guy, and for the most part is done completly on the computer. Hence why it looks so different. That and Lendon really can't draw that well in the first place, we'll what do you expect from someone trained as a photographer.

Who's the Creator?

That would be DCG. And everything began as scribles in several of his many sketch books. He thinks up most of the crazy stuff that happens, and puts it down on paper.

Who's the Computer Guy?

Well, that's Lendon. He takes everything that DCG puts on paper and makes it all digital so that you and the entire interweb, can enjoy it. Well he colors it and put's his own say in as well.

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